Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is an overarching framework that embodies the key principle of sustainability stating that in today’s environment, in order for a corporation to be regarded successful, that in addition to the traditional ongoing focus on the economics/operational aspects of the company or bottom line, it must pay attention to the environment in which its operates as well as to the social aspects of the people it touches (employees, customers, suppliers and the public at large). This leads to the concept of the triple bottom line: profit, people and planet.

The principle of CSR needs to be expanded to include the community by including Social Innovation and Social Enterprise organizations and youth entrepreneurs hence creating the Corporate and Community Social responsibility (CCSR) framework by embracing all constituents: community, corporation, academia, youth and governments.

Although there is a thriving body of research, NGOs and corporations that follows the principles of CSR in Canada, Europe is still considered to be on the forefront of many concepts in this area. There is the potential to establish a leadership role by creating an ecosystem to foster social, economic and environmental sustainability in the community.

Our yearly CCSR conference has created an ecosystem/environment to foster sustainability, engender a spirit of achievement in individual’s professional evolution and consistently share success with the community at large in social, economic and environmental aspects. To fully embrace all the constituents it intends to serve and create a Canadian solution focusing on Canada first, the objectives of the conference are:

  1. Awareness – Increase the public exposure to the key issues related to the successful implementations of CCSR within various organizations
  2. Promotion –  Showcase to the community the leading and innovative groups and individuals that  are involved with the implementation of CCSR
  3. Educational – Provide seminars & lectures on various CCSR related topics
  4. Engagement – Get the community to be more involved with CCSR
  5. Connectivity –  Provide a platform for networking between Corporations and NGOs

Overview of CCSR Conferences 2008 to 2012

The Corporate and Community Social Responsibility (CCSR) conferences were held at Algonquin College in Ottawa during 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to celebrate and showcase excellence in social innovation with a focus on Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability. The driving force behind the conference is Algonquin College supported by other academic institutions, University of Ottawa, Sprott School of Business/Carleton University, University of Waterloo, and Red River College in Manitoba.

The conference has had continuing success and growth throughout the years. Each year the CCSR conference unfolded in a unique way that offered an opportunity to learn and growth with the community.

From CEOs of fortune 500 companies to dozens of innovative speaker sessions, ‘Dragon Den’ style contests and community awards for a plethora of diverse working groups and individuals we look forward to each and every year as a new way to connect and share the values of the CCSR conference.

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